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The Gussset, part two

Step Eight

Now that we're back on three needles, we're ready to knit in the round again (around all three needles).

Remember the needle numbers, I will be referring to needles by their numbers during this step:

Starting with needle #1, using your empty needle:

Round 1:
Knit all stitches. (knit all the way around all three needles.)

Round 2: (Read all instructions, between the photos too)
On needle #1: Knit to the last three stitches. Knit 2 together as one. Knit the last stitch.

Needle #2: Knit all stitches across.

Needle #3: Knit one stitch

Then slip TWO stitches KNIT WISE (insert your needle as if you were going to knit the stitch, and slip it to the working needle).

Then knit the two slipped stitches together by inserting the left needle as shown below, wrap the yarn around the right needle and pull the new stitch through. (You can insert the left needle from the right or left, depending on preference).

Knit the remaining stitches on needle #3.

Repeat Rounds 1 & 2 until there are 16 12 10 stitches on needles #1 & #3. (64 48 40 total stitches including needle #2)

If you put your work down and forget if you're on a decrease row (knitting 2 together) or knit row (all knit), here's a tip:
Look at the second stitch from the end (closest to needle #2) of needle #1 or #3 from the inside. If you see two stitches together as one stitch, your next row is a knit row. If you only see one stitch, your next row is a decreasing row.

As you continue knitting these rounds, you'll start to see the shaping happening:

After all decreasing is finished, and you're at the required number of stitches mentioned above, stop and measure the bottom of your foot from heel to toe.
Then knit ALL stitches around and around (no more decreasing) until 2" less than the length of your foot, or until 7" for an average woman's foot.

Measure like this:


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