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The Gussset

Step Seven

So you have your heel flap and turned heel, but now there's two sides which have no workable stitches, nor any needles. In this step, we'll pick up stitches along those sides, and manipulate everything until we have 3 needles, again ready to knit in the round.

Hold your heel flap like this.. note that the ribbing is to the left, and your working yarn is ready to be used at the right:

Now, take a good look at the slipped stitches (abbreviated as SS) along the edge. (SS's are the elongated V's.)

Find the first SS closest to the needle on your right.
Insert your working needle through BOTH sides of the V from bottom to top.

Wrap your working yarn around the working needle just like a knit stitch, and bring the tip through the SS so you are actually knitting it. You'll have a new stitch on your working needle. This is called picking up and knitting, because you pick up a "pseudo stitch" and knit it.

Continue this along the edge until you have picked up and knitted 16 12 10 stitches. If you find you have one or two extra, evenly space the last few so that the last stitch is right next to the needle on the left holding the ribbing. This doesn't have to be *perfect* but you do have to end up with ONLY the required stitches, and they should all be somewhat evenly spaced apart.

Now we're up to the two original needles that hold the ribbing.
Combine these stitches onto one needle, and then knit across.

Slipping stitches to one needle:


Knitting across:

Now pick up and knit 16 12 10 stitches along the other side of the heel flap.

And now you have used four needles, and it kinda looks neat, huh?

Moving to the needle that holds your turned heel, knit exactly half to the needle on the right (using the right needle already holding stitches), slip the other half to the needle on the left.

IMPORTANT!!: When slipping the other half, slip as if to knit! NOT PURL. Insert the LEFT needle into each stitch as if you were knitting it, and slip it off.

Now you have all stitches on 3 needles.
There will be 25 19 16 stitches on needles #1 & #3
There will be 32 24 20 stitches on needle #2. Please count them for accuracy.

Now, we're ready to move on to the gusset shaping..


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