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Step Seven - The Sewn Bind Off

Personally, I think this is the best bind off for toe-up socks. It's elastic, stretchy, quick and super, super easy.

So your socks are as long as you want them, right? Cut the yarn leaving a tail that is at least 3 times longer than the diameter of your socks. (About 3 feet should be pl-en-ty.) Thread your needle with the tail coming from Sock A.

(I told you that was a lot of ribbing)

Insert the yarn needle into the first two stitches purlwise and pull the yarn through.

Turn back and insert the needle knitwise through the first stitch only AND slip this one stitch off the knitting needle. Pull the yarn through.

Repeat these two steps until there is one stitch on this side of Sock A.

Insert the yarn needle through the last stitch on the knitting needle and the first stitch on the cable, together, both purlwise.

Go back and insert the yarn needle knitwise through the last stitch on the knitting needle, slip it off the needle and pull the yarn through.

Before finishing binding off Sock A, you'll have to bind off Sock B. To keep Sock A from falling off the needles as you work on Sock B, poke the needle tip through the sock just to hold it there.

Bind off Sock B as you did Sock A. Thread the needle onto the tail from Sock B, and continue. Through 2 Purlwise, through 1 Knitwise (and off).

When you get to the end of this side, before moving to the next side of Sock B, just pull the knitting needle tip through so the cable loop is gone and the stitches are all next to each other.

And carry on binding off in the same method.

When you get around to the last stitch, insert the needle through the last stitch, and the first (bound off) stitch both purlwise, go back through the last stitch knitwise and pull the yarn snug. Go ahead and weave in this end before moving back to Sock A.

Carry on binding off Sock A as before. It's already set to start with the two purlwise stitches.

Complete as for Sock B, and weave in your ends. Don't forget to turn the socks inside out and weave in the tail from the toes if you haven't already!

All finished! And the best part of knitting 2 socks at once? They're ready to wear NOW!


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