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Step Two - The Toes

The secret to two circular needle knitting is to always keep each side of your sock on the same needle. Meaning the stitches on the top side of your sock are always knit on the same needle, the bottom side of your sock is knit on the other circular. Think of the two circulars as 2 double pointed needles. That's all it is. Yes, it's that simple.

By the way, this is my favorite sock knitting method. No fuss, no muss speedy sock knitting awaits!

Ok, back to work...

Begin knitting the stitches on the top needle using the other end of the same circular needle.

Knit across these 12 stitches as normal...

but do not knit the slip stitch. When you come to it, just drop it off and pull the slip knot out. You don't need it anymore.

Now rotate your work so that the stitches you just knit are on the bottom, and the waiting stitches are on top on their cable. The same side of your work should still be facing you.

NOTE: Whenever you "Turn Your Work" during this tutorial, you will not turn as you do in a flat knit piece. Instead, you will rotate your work in a clockwise fashion so that the front is always facing YOU.

Slide the just-knit stitches onto the cable of the needle they're already on.

And slide the waiting-to-be-knit stitches onto the tip of their needle.

You're now ready to knit these 12 stitches. However, due to how they were wrapped, these stitches are twisted. Just knit into the back of each stitch as shown to correct them. This is the only time you'll have to do this. (Well.. until you cast on sock #2.)

Knit across all 12 sitches. And turn your work.

Knit all stitches one more time. First the 12 on the top needle, then the 12 on the other needle.

As you finish a side and flip your work, notice how each side of the sock remains on the same needle it started on.

When you finish side 2 for the second round, slip a pin or stitch marker on a stitch at this side. This will remind you which side of the sock marks th end of the round.


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