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Step Four - The Foot

Why am I giving you a whole section about the foot portion? Isn't that just straight knitting?

Well, yes. It is. If you're knitting a basic sock.

And if you are knitting a basic sock, just knit around and around until the length is 2 inches shorter than your foot from heel to toe. Ready? Go.

(NOTE: If you're knitting contrasting toes and heels, switch to your main color now!)


BUT, if you want to go a little nuts and feel the wind in your hair, this is where you're going to start designing your own sock.

At this point, you have 32 stitches on both sides of your sock. Commonly, you'd want to knit a fancy design on the top only, since there's no real point to knitting something fancy on the sole. Besides, it might feel uncomfortable walking on cables or bobbles. Or might lead to you waving the bottoms of your feet to perfect strangers. Let's avoid that, k?

So, get out your favorite stitch dictionary and find something you like. Remember, you have 32 stitches to work with! You can do 4 repeats of an 8 stitch pattern, or 2 repeats of a 16 stitch pattern (this is where all that math homework comes in handy.) Lace patterns are great, or weave stitches, or grab some graph paper and do some colorwork! Go nuts! (And, um.. take notes on everything you do. That is if you want the mate to this sock to look the same!)

But if the thought of designing your own is beginning to give you panic attacks, just go simple.

Add some cables.

For this sock, all I did was purl 2, knit a 4 stitch cable, purled 2 more, knit the center 16, purled 2, knit a 4 stitch cable (twisting in the opposite direction) and purled the last two. Then knit all stitches on the sole of the sock.

(I could have just as easily knit cables all the way across the top by doing a pattern like this: P2, Cable 4, P2, C4, P2, C4, P2, C4, P2, C4, P2)

That was easy, wasn't it?

Knit the foot portion until the sock is 2 inches shorter than your foot from toe to heel. Measure your sock from the tip of the toes to the needles. An average woman's size 8.5 foot is 9 inches long (or thereabouts), so knit the sock until it's 7 inches long from toe to needle.

Next, onward to the heel!

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