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Step Eight - Binding Off

Once the leg is as long as you'd like it, cut the yarn leaving a good length of yarn. I tend to err on the side of caution... great caution. So I have a length about 2 feet long. (It's overkill, I know. But there is almost nothing worse in knitting than running out of yarn on your bind off.)

Thread the yarn through a large-eye needle or yarn needle. We will bind off using the Sewn Bind Off technique. This is my favorite bind off for socks. It's easy, super stretchy and quick! Yay for easy and quick!

Begin by inserting the yarn needle into the first two stitches purlwise and pull the yarn through. (Do not pull the yarn super tight. Just pull it enough to snug up any slack.

Turn back and insert the needle knitwise through the first stitch only AND slip this one stitch off the knitting needle. Pull the yarn through.

Continue with these two steps, (yes, that's all there is to it!), by insert the needle through the first two stitches purlwise, then go back through the first stitch knitwise, slipping that stitch off, an pull the yarn through. Continue to the last stitch on this needle.

Then slip this last stich onto the other needle, and continue the bind off.

When you come to the very last stitch, insert the needle through the last stitch and the very first stich (already bound off), then go back through the last stitch.

If you are finishing with a double cuff like me, DO NOT cut the yarn yet! If not, weave in your end and you're finished!

For the double cuff, Turn the sock inside out and fold the cuff down halfway. Using a simple whipstitch, sew the cuff in place all the way around. No one will see this, so it doesn't have to be perfect. Just try to keep it mostly straight.

When you're finished, weave in the tail and cut your yarn.

Go back and weave in the tail at the toe, and any other tails from changing colors.

Turn the sock rightside out, and marvel at it's wonderfulness. I love the double cuff on this. It's so nice and professional looking. I hope you like it too. You can use this technique on longer socks too, but I think it looks best on an ankle sock.


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